Putnam is made up of several small communities, Crescent City, Interlachen, Welaka, Melrose, Pomona Park, and Palatka. Each has its own unique history, traditions, and festivals.

Many of our homes are historic in nature, standing proud as a testament to our shared past. Yet we have many areas with new housing developments, all built with the modern family in mind. We even have places surrounded with wide open spaces, offering plenty of room for you to spread out.

With several housing options and average prices below the State average, all of our communities have something to offer.

Experience the best of both worlds, our relaxed atmosphere and pro-growth approach to business! Good schools, unique recreational opportunities, and a pro-business atmosphere set us apart.   Putnam County, our location, our people, our climate, these things and more, make this the right place to locate your family and business.