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Putnam County is located approximately fifty miles south of Jacksonville and ninety miles north of Orlando (via U.S. Highway 17), thirty miles west of St. Augustine (via State Road 207), and forty-five miles east of Gainesville (via State Road 20).


Putnam County is served by three railroad companies: CSX, Norfolk Southern, and Amtrak.


The area is served by a port on the St. Johns River with crane access and docks. The closest Deep water port is 60 miles.


Palatka Municipal Airport covers an area of 703 acres (284 ha) at an elevation of 48 feet (15 m) above mean sea level. It has three asphalt paved runways: 9/27 is 6,000 by 100 feet (1,829 x 30 m); 17/35 is 3,510 by 75 feet (1,070 x 23 m); 12/30 is 3,000 by 75 feet (914 x 23 m)

Ground Transportation

Palatka is easy access to major highways by SR 207 (improved 4 lane), SR 20, SR 100, SR 17

Proximity from Palatka to:

I-9521 miles
I-7554 miles
I-1052 miles
I-463 miles
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